10 November 2012

Stamp on Parangalitsa Reserve, Bulgaria



The Bulgarian Post has issued a stamp sheet dedicated to the Parangalitsa Reserve in Bulgaria.

The Parangalitsa Reserve, which is located on the southwest slope of the Rila Mountains, covers an area of 1,509 hectares. In March, 1977, the reserve was added to the list of biospheres recognized by UNESCO under the auspices of its "People and Biospheres" program. The name of the reserve comes from the Greek word "parangalos", which means "forbidden".

Parangalitsa is home to one of the oldest spruce forests in Europe. The trees there are on average over 200 years old. The forests offer favorable conditions for the growth of more than 290 species of larger flora and a wide range of fauna, many of which are listed in Bulgaria's Red Book of endangered and protected species

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TV programme  on stamp designer - Sankha Samanta

A programme ' Surkhiyon se pare' on noted Indian stamp designer Sankha Samanta’s work and a feature how he designs Postage Stamps will be telecast on 11th November Sunday 5.30 PM...DD Lok sabha TV. Mr Sankha Samants has designed many Indian stamps . Pigeon and Sparrow Minisheet is one of his best stamp designs !!


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