03 November 2012

Christmas 2012 stamps from Finland



Date of Issue : 5 November 2012

Hi !

Here is a beautiful Christmas tree shape  stamp to be issued by Finnish Post  for this year’s Christmas...The stamp is just wonderful and a nice collectible item for all !! It’s sheet is awesome which stands up like a decorated big Christmas tree !!  I just love the idea of the designer of this stamp  !! This is all for this morning…More in next Post…Have a nice day !!


image    image

On Monday, November 5, Finland will issue Christmas stamps with two seasonal themes: Christmas tree and stable lantern. The Christmas Tree stamp comes in a triangular sheet that doubles as an impressive Christmas decoration. It has special fold, the 20-stamp sheet stands upright like a miniature Christmas tree. The Christmas Tree stamp is worth EUR 0.60, which is the special domestic Christmas greeting rate.


The Stable Lantern stamp creates the peaceful mood of expectation that is the heart of the Christmas season. The Stable Lantern stamp, sold in sheets of 10, is 1st class.



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