21 November 2012

New stamps from USA..



Date of Issue : 30 November 2012

The US Postal Service will issue a souvenir sheet on 30th November 2012  to commemorate Centennial of the birth of Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007) and celebrates her commitment to projects to preserve and enhance  Natural Heritage of America.

The Lady Bird Johnson souvenir sheet features six stamps, a quote from the First Lady reflecting her belief that the environment is our common ground, and a black-and-white image of the First Lady taken from a family photograph shot in 1963 by Yoichi Okamoto. Text on the back of the stamp sheet highlights a few of Lady Bird Johnson’s many successes. The single stamp on the right side of the sheet features her official White House portrait, an oil painting by Elizabeth Shoumatoff showing the seated First Lady wearing an empire-waist gown of buttercup yellow.

The five stamps on the left, adaptations of stamps originally issued in the 1960s commemorate the visible legacy left by her projects — and to encourage others to follow.

Description: LB Johnson beautiful streets25

The top stamp reads “Plant for more Beautiful Streets” and shows a row of blooming crab apple trees along a paved suburban road.

Description: LB Johnson beautiful parks25
The second from the top offers the encouragement to “Plant for more Beautiful Parks,” with an image of a field of daffodils along the Potomac River with the Washington Monument in the background.

Description: LB Johnson more beautiful america25
“Plant for a more Beautiful America,” the center stamp, depicts the Jefferson Memorial in the background seen through branches of flowering cherry blossoms.

Description: LB Johnson beautiful highways25

The fourth stamp is a scene of yellow and blue wildflowers along a highway with the caption “Plant for more Beautiful Highways.”

Description: LB Johnson more beautiful cities25
The last stamp, which reads “Plant for more Beautiful Cities,” shows plantings of pink and red azaleas and white tulips with the U.S. Capitol in the distance.

The original engraved stamps featuring art by Walter D. Richards (four stamps, issued in 1969) and Gyo Fujikawa (center stamp, issued in 1966) have been adapted for printing in offset lithography by artist Paloma Alcalá of Alexandria, VA.





Happy New Year 2013 stamps from France

The French Post has issued a set of colorful and joyous self-adhesive stamps containing New Year 2013 greetings. These stamps will become a good addition to the Christmas and New Year's cards sent on holiday eve.




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