17 November 2012

Cherries on Stamps..



Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued two commemorative postage stamps featuring Cherry  (Prunus avium). Cherry is the fruit which  is loved and cherished  by one and all.

Cherry is known since the Bronze Age, and today is spread around the world in many varieties and variations. It blooms in early spring, at the same time as the new leaves. The fruits are developed from the white group of flowers that have long stems. It's sweet with pleasant aroma with a distinctive hard-shelled stone in the middle.

A number of medical properties were attributed to the cherry fruits, which until recently was considered a folk medicine. However, recent studies gave a scientific basis and confirmed curative properties of the cherry. They are a good source of vitamins, and the presence of antioxidants and other useful ingredients makes them extremely healthy fruit.

They help in cancer prevention, in hearth disease prevention; they relive pain caused by arthritis and gout, headache, alleviating symptoms associated with the diffuse disorder. Cherries help that our body produces melatonin in a safe and healthy way, and enhance the physiological and mental functions. Fresh cherries are good for reduction of physical and mental exhaustion and sour cherries improve mood.

Club News

Dear Friend,

The “Year Book of Indian Philately” is considered as a necessary reference book among the Indian Philatelic Literature, a contemporary guide for the philatelists interested in Indian philately, and a “must” addition to the library of every philatelist interested in any aspect of Philately. It has won a medal at every exhibition / competition, it has participated in so far. The latest being a Silver Medal at the IPHLA 2012, an International Philatelic Literature Exhibition held at Mainz, Germany, early November 2012.

As a philately friendly endeavor, we have designed an offer for the philatelist friends who have a wish to have various editions / issues of the Year Book of Indian Philately in their library. The offer is designed in a way that you will not be able to resist this offer.

We have prepared a limited number of sets of the Year Book, consisting the 2009, 2010 & 2011 editions. These sets are on offer for the desiring philatelists at a very reasonable and attractive price tag. Against the combined cover price of Rs 600/- plus packing and postage for the set, we are offering the set @ Rs 450/- per set and as a bonus, registered postage to anywhere in India will be paid by us for this offer.

This is a short time offer and will be executed on “ First Come First Served” basis for first 25 orders only.

Please rush your orders if interested. Remit your amount by Money Order to the following address :


Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, Gwalior 474 001

The Year Book set will be dispatched to you immediately after receipt of your remittance, by Registered Post.

Thanx. Wish to hear from you, soon.

Madan Middha, Editor.

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