04 September 2012

Stamps for special moments..


Date of Issue : 2 August 2012

Jersey Post has issued Eight 'greeting' stamps  for use both locally and for sending items to the United Kingdom. 

The theme featured on stamps are selected by the designer in such a way that it could be used   to invite for engagement parties, weddings or christenings; sending birthday invites or birthday wishes; thank you notes, new address notification and Christmas cards.

Trees for Life

trees trees trees

trees trees trees

Date of Issue : 3 July 2012


These stamps were issued by Jersey Post on 3rd July 212 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jersey Trees for Life.

The stamps depict six of Jersey's most magnificent trees, each of them having been recorded on either the local or national tree registers; notable trees are measured and included if they are the tallest of have the largest girth of that species.

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