22 September 2012

Language of Flowers….


Greeting stamps from Taiwan


Date of Issue  : 28 September 2012

Hi !

Here are some beautiful Greeting stamps to be issued by Taiwan Post on 27 September 2012. Each flower has its own meaning…. A wonderful set of stamps to send greetings to your dear ones…This set will be liked by all those who love flowers….There are two sets in different denominations with same Flowers but the background color  is different !!

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To provide more custom design options, Chunghwa Post is issuing a second set of ten stamps featuring the "language of flowers". This series is a follow-up to the "Personal Greeting Stamps – Travel in Taiwan," issued on September 27, 2011. All ten stamps come in denominations of NT$3.50 and NT$5.00; the different denominations are distinguished by different background colors. The designs follow:

image 1. Cotton rose: daintiness. Comely and graceful, cotton roses always manage to stand out in a sea of flowers. They are often used to describe ladies of extraordinary beauty. 

image 2. Bird-of-Paradise: passion. It is known for its distinguished, moon-gazing crane shape. The colors are a bright, flaming red. Bird-of-paradise also represents freedom, fulfillment and bliss.

image 3. Clary sage: respect. Clary sage comes in pink and bluish purple. It represents longevity and defense against bad fortunes.

image 4. Dancing lady orchid: gentleness. Dancing lady orchid inspires an impression of dancing butterflies. Small, dainty yellow blossoms hang around the stalks like tiny bells.

image 5. Zinnia: everlastingness : Zinnia is known for its long flowering period. When in full bloom, the flowers seem to tower one another. It therefore also represents elevation in status.

image 6. Tagetes erecta: health : The petals are full and bright, with a relatively long flowering period. As a flower species, Tagetes erecta is popular for its vitality.

image 7. Chinese hibiscus: grace : The blossoms are flamboyant and pleasing to the eye. Chinese hibiscus also represents new love.

image 8. Fragrant olive: humility : The blossoms are exquisite and sweet with fragrance. Its Chinese moniker, "Gui," is also homonymous with the Chinese word, "value." The flower therefore is seen as a symbol of status and prosperity.

image 9. Flowering crab apple: warmth. The flower blooms in spring, and brings with it the welcoming warmth of the season. Known for its magic spell, crab apple is also lovingly called, "understand me."

image 10. Hydrangea: hope : Hydrangea flowers thrive in the warmth of spring. They are the vanguard of a new season.

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