07 September 2012

Memories of Neil Armstrong ….




13322981-romania--circa-1985-a-stamp-printed-in-romania-shows-neil-armstrong-circa-1985 14596911-poland--circa-1979-a-stamp-printed-in-poland-shows-neil-armstrong-and-apollo-11-circa-1 Neil-Armstrong-stamp


MSC - Moonlander

Hi ! In this Post I share he some autograph pics from the collection of Mr Vijay Deshpande of Pune who is a noted autograph collector and philatelist.

These pics are from the collection of Mr Vijay Deshpande One shown above is the group photo of the crew of Apollo 11 and their autographs on it .

The second one shown below was of the moment when the Big Three visited Mumbai soon after the mission and were felicitated at Azad Maidan ..They even gave a demo of stepping up and down the ladder of Apollo 11 capsule model especially prepared at the time of their function,in their  suits and not in the space suits .

MSC - Moonlanders in Mumbai

courtesy - Vijay Deshpande, Pune


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