25 September 2012

New Stamp from India


Motilal Nehru


Date of issue : 25 September 2012

India Post released a stamp of  Motilal Nehru on 25th September 2012 to celebrate his 150th Birth anniversary. Motilal Nehru (6 May 1861 – 6 February 1931) was a lawyer, an activist of the Indian National Movement and an important leader of the Indian National Congress, who also served as the Congress President twice.

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This stamp should have been issued by India Post on 6 May, on his birthday !!

NEW DELHI: Launching the commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Motilal Nehru, President Mr Pranab Mukherjee today said institutions evolved by leaders like him should be strengthened instead of being destroyed.
Paying rich tributes to Motilal, he listed his achievements like his role in evolving of Public Accounts Committee and protecting independence of Legislature from the influence of the Executive by establishing a separate cadre for the Central Legislative Assembly, now Parliament.

Nehru report

Motilal Nehru chaired the famous Nehru Commission in 1928, that was a counter to the all-British Simon Commission. Nehru Report, the first constitution written by Indians only, conceived a dominion status for India within the Empire, akin to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It was endorsed by the Congress Party, but rejected by more radical Indians who sought complete independence, and by many Muslims who didn't feel their interests, concerns and rights were properly represented.


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