17 May 2012

Stamp of The Past : Indian Heritage in Philately


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150th Anniversary Celebrations of Archaeological Survey of India

A Stamp Exhibition on Indian Monuments, Museums, Paintings and other historical items on philately is being organized by Archeological Survey of India in collaboration with India Post. The Subject of the Exhibits  includes Indian Cultural Heritage, Monuments, Museums, Coins, Antiquities and other related stamp and material telling a story about India and its culture. This exhibition will be a part of 150 years of ASI in India. The venue for the exhibition is Red Fort New Delhi and will be there for 2 months.  20 frame exhibit is given by India Post, and about 20 frames by Indian Philatelists. 

The exhibits of following  Indian philatelists have been selected for display in the exhibition.

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1. Two frame Maximaphily exhibit by Ajay Kumar Mittal , New Delhi
Title of the Exhibit : Incredible India

 2.  Five frame exhibit by Pradeep Kumar Mallik - PATNA
Title of the Exhibit : Legacy from the Past ( UNESCO - WORLD HERITAGE)
3. One frame exhibit by Moloy Sarkar , Kolkata
Title of the Exhibit : TAJ MAHAL.
4. Five frame exhibit by Timir Shah, Secretary, Baroda Philatelic Society Baroda, Gujarat
Title of the exhibit - Archaeology ( India ) through Philately "

 5.  One frame exhibit by Jeevan Jyoti,  Kullu (H.P.)
Title of the Exhibit : Taj Mahal - The Pride of India

The exhibition will be Inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister of Culture, Kumari Shelja on Friday 18th May, 2012 at 17.00 Hrs. Entry for Inauguration by Invitation Only. For Limited Invitation Cards kindly contact Ajay Kumar Mittal    Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311 Email : ajay@kshitiz.com ajaymittal1957@gmail.com

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