11 May 2012

All Black stamp from New Zealand….



Date of Issue: 23 May 2012

Hi !

Here is a unique stamp and a Miniature sheet to be issued by New Zealand on 27 May 2012. It is beautiful collectable item with its extraordinary design in black and white !!


On the stamp design.the silver fern takes pride of place on this official All Blacks stamp, which has been released as a replacement to the previous All Blacks stamp issue in order to accommodate the upcoming changes to domestic postage rates (effective 1 July 2012).

As the stamp and Miniature sheet and FDC  are all black the cancellation is obviously in white giving an extraordinary look to the First Day Cover !! Any collector would love to have this set in his/her collection !!

This is all for this Morning ……..Till Next Post …Have a Great Time !!


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