30 May 2012

LONDON 2012 Olympics stamps from Israel..




OG2  OG1

Date of Issue : 26 June 2012

Hi ! Here are new stamps on London 2012 Olympics to be issued by Israel Post on June 26, 2012. The stamps are just wonderful. The special feature of these stamps is its tabs that depict Olympic rings, London landmarks and flags of participating countries. One of the stamps featured below also  has Indian flag on its tab !! These stamps are just fantastic and sure to be liked by all sport lovers and stamp collectors.

A big thanks to the designer of these beautiful stamps who made the stamps memorable with its exquisite design forever especially for we Indians. The tabs on the stamps have added extra beauty to the stamps !! I should mention here that Israeli stamps have most beautiful tabs in the world which have special value for Thematic collectors.

I am extremely thankful to Dr Eli Moallem of Israel  who sent me details about these stamps !! This is all for  Today….Till next Post…. Have a Great Sporting day !!



 Indian flag on tab of the stamp (No. 5 from extreme right)

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The Spiritual Science philately exhibition
The Spiritual Science philately exhibition  by M.R Prabakar during the Discourse of Bhagavadgita  by Dr.(Prof.) Narayana Acharya

From May 28, 2012 to May 30th ( 5pm to 8 pm )



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Dr. (Prof.) Narayana Acharya and MR Prabhakar

Screenshot_3  : Jagannath Mani, Bangalore


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