23 May 2012

Fruits on Stamps…


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Date of Issue : 9 May 2012

Hi ! Here are two beautiful stamps issued by Magyar Posta. The stamps feature two new types of fruits, the Pándy sour cherry and the Kécske rose apricot. The most significant feature of this issue is its beautiful cancellation which has been designed in the form of a fruit  basket. The stamps are brightly colored and look just magnificent in this hot summer season !! The stamps are sure to be liked by all collectors !!

Pándy sour cherry

According to some sources this is among the varieties of sour cherry cultivated in the Carpathian Basin. The repute of Hungarian sour cherries is based on this variety. The fruit, which is large or very large (6 to 8 g) with an average diameter of 21 to 24 mm, ripens in the last ten days of June. The shape of the cherry is slightly flattened. Its deep red skin is medium thick. The dark red, medium hard flesh has a distinctive sour and sweet, pleasingly harmonious taste. Its stalk has medium length or long stipules that detach from the fruit dry when ripe, thus it can also be machine harvested. Its exceptionally good taste means it is worth cultivating and makes it sought after in domestic and foreign markets.

Kécske rose apricot

Its base colour is a light ochreous orange flushed with carmine on the back and sunny side. The flesh of this freestone apricot is dark orange, fibrous and succulent. It has a sweet, quintessential apricot aroma, and its skin is slightly tart.  Its leaves on the same tree vary from heart shaped to roundish. Its crown has weak or medium growth and is flattened. It is frost, disease and pest resistant.



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