11 May 2012

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Date of Issue: 10th May 2012

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Date of Issue : 26th April 2012

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Views and Opinion

Recently Mr Naresh Agarwal interviewed GPA President Mr Mainak Kathiara. Here are some questions of interest asked by Mr Naresh Agarwa. Mr Maink Kathiara answers ….

Philatelic advisory Committee

 naresh --->1. Are you satisfied with the working of philatelic advisory committee? If not, your findings and suggestions.

image---> I was told that P.A.C. is a dignified body with 43 members, but only 3 are from philatelic field. I would like to suggest a few things.

* Not more than 30 stamp issues should be taken out annually

* Major emphasis should be on the thematics...stamps of regional leaders and personalities have no value in international philately.

* Symmetry should be maintained for FDC, M/S, cancellations etc.

* Rs 25 stamp should be issued in place of Rs 20 as it is the international postage and ONE INDIA ONE RATE for speed post.

* Brochures are important as they tell the details of the stamp but the collectors neglect it. Mandatory insertion of brochure with FDC would help in promoting philately. No FDC should be sold without a brochure...Of course at a price.

* Yearly plans of stamp release should be strictly adhered to. Ministry should support this and not make a confusion regarding the release date, once it is finalized.

* Standard of packaging should be drastically improved. Stamps are brand ambassador of our country and hence they should be showcased well.

* Transparency among the issuing authority and PAC should be there and more new faces (preferably young) with creative ideas from the philatelic fraternity should be incorporated in the working of the PAC.

* Meetings should be held regularly to incorporate new ideas and take feedback of the items issued.

* Meetings should be held as a creative activity and not as a formality.

Philatelic Congress of India (PCI)

2. Do you think that PCI, the apex body representing philatelists in India at all platforms is working satisfactorily? If not why and what should be done to check it, improve and make it more efficient?

PCI : Individually Marvel / Collectively Directionless.

Individually they are all stalwarts, in philately as well as their work and business. Collectively they have lost the direction and momentum to promote and upgrade philately in India. They should rise above their individual interests and do some constructive work in developing philately in India.

People at helm at PCI know what to do but the willingness to do is still not there on their agenda. Voice of philatelists across India say ‘WAKE UP’ before it is too late. You are the trusties of philatelists of India and you should understand your powers and responsibility. Come out of your preconceived notions and take suggestions of other groups at their face value. Further, PCI also needs to persuade postal officials at top to think and act in better interest of Indian philatelists in general and need to have better say and standing with them in decision and policy making related to postal stamps, operation of Philatelic bureaus,holding exhibitions and even disbursement of funds in this regard,if possible

Why was Philapost discontinued? It is still a question. Now the egos between  the two different parties need to be buried. I think the other group has no problem if the people at helm do some creative work / provide transparency and make PCI a powerful and respectable body representing India.

Professional Philatelist / Commercial Philatelist

3. Professional philatelist is an established term in philately but commercial philatelist is the new term emerging in the philatelic scene in India where we find there is hardly any true philatelist. All philatelists are turning into philatelic traders, dealers and professionals in one way. How do you see the future of philately in India with such changing behaviors and thinking of philatelists?

I definitely see a positive trend. New people are entering this hobby & that only will take philately to newer heights. I see no harm in the rise of commercial philatelists. Once investor / trader / dealer / philatelist have tasted some profit he will not quit philately. Investors of today may turn into philatelist tomorrow. The new commercial philatelists are more computer savvy & have better finance/connectivity than the traditional dealers. If the new commercial philatelist can create (4 A's) i.e awareness, accessibility, affordability & availability, India is a very big market and they are sure to stay.

Times change...lot of new items are issued...old items are getting unearthed...items are getting expensive..there is a limit about ones finance..thanks to the internet. Looking to all this philatelist is motivated to upgrade himself to be connected in the hobby. With the changing time he is induced to sell his extra material and use the money to buy the missing items for his collection.

Still today selling by a philatelist is considered a taboo and is looked down by fellow philatelist. I see no harm if a collector sells his extra items or the material which he is not collecting. This will help the fellow collectors to get the material they are searching for their collection. One has to be practical and change with the time.

Philatelic Journalism in India

4. Tell us something about philatelic journalism in India. How do you rate various e-bulletins being issued/published today in India.

E-bulletins have created tremendous awareness. It is information at fingertip. It is the need of the hour and flavour of this era. Print bulletins take a long time to get published and its distribution is costly and time consuming. Information through e-bulletin spread very fast and can be seen world over. Only thing the print bulletin can do to survive is to bring out some research articles.

A print bulletin preferably a bi monthly of international standard should be started by India post like Phila Post.We are surprised why this is not happening when there is so much talent & resources within the country.

Last few years have been good for philatelic journalism. New writers have emerged & news updates have become handy. Thanks to Mobile philately, Stamps of India, Rainbow Stamp Club, Se-tenant stamps of India, Indian Stamp Ghar etc..Thanks to independent blogs and websites who put something new & interesting to sustain the hobby.

Future of Philately

5. With the invent of technology like internet causing promotion and usage of e-mail and other e-services, how do you see the future of philately? Your suggestion for promotion of philately in India.

I see very bright future. Technology has sustained & spread the hobby bringing in many new philatelists into the arena.

One can refer to my article <Promotion of Philately--a different perspective> which was published in Phila Post and in Rainbow Stamp Club.

Appeal to Philatelists

12. Your appeal to philatelists of India as an individual, societies of India as a group of philatelists?

Philately is a creative hobby & my experience says that in the long run a philatelist is never a loser. For being successful, ones aim should be focused on the subjects which he can complete. One should buy selectively. A collector’s motto should be "get the knowledge, share the knowledge & spread the knowledge". He should read & interact with knowledgeable philatelists. As an individual one should not be afraid to experiment his creative ideas. I would suggest an individual to be more focused on the subject area & don’t get involved in petty politics. Remember, philately as a hobby should be a stress reliever and you have to enjoy this fascinating hobby.

It would be great for any society if more members take interest in its functioning (rather than 1 or 2 in many associations).Philatelic societies should strive hard to get young members in their area. This will expand the base & sustainability of philately. Lot of constructive activities can be done under the banner of a philately club/society.

GPA was instrumental in proposing the name of some young philatelists as apprentice jury in stamp exhibitions and has also honoured senior philatelists/dealers during Festival of Stamps 2009.These gestures of GPA & various other societies will set a platform for young & deserving persons to take charge of philately of India in future.

It is a privilege to serve as president of Gujarat Philatelists' Association from 2006.I am grateful to all the members who supported me and helped GPA to do good work in promoting philately.

Mainak Kathiara is a well known name in the field of philately in India as he has cemented his place in the big names of philately by virtue of the speedy and positive changes and actions taken by him for promotion of philately in last 5/6 years after he became president of Gujarat Philatelic Association. Though he has various thematic collections but his main interest is India Post Independence.  He is known for pioneering creation of special designer covers and cards in Gujarat and their promotion by sales. He has in his credit various stamp shows especially “Festival of Stamps” and various covers, cards and booklets. As a very close observer of happening in the field of philately in India, his valued opinions will certainly help philatelic fraternity in giving direction to philately in India.

Mr Mainak Kathiara may be contacted at email : mainak61@yahoo.com

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