17 December 2011

Stamp on Madam Curie from Poland…

100 Years of Chemistry  NOBEL PRIZE To Maria  Sklodowska-Curie


Date of Issue : 17 November 2011

Hi ! Polish Post issued a beautiful souvenir sheet on 100 Years of Chemistry  NOBEL PRIZE To  Maria  Sklodowska - Curie. The souvenir sheet with two stamps of PLN 3 and PLN 7,70 features Marie Curie in lab and  the Nobel Prize medal. The FDC is very nicely designed and shows the periodic table of elements in which Ra ( Radium the  radioactive element invented by Marie Curie) is highlighted. This is the most beautiful FDC and Souvenir Sheet  issued on Marie Curie so far !! The  designer’s Great idea is highly appreciated !! This is all for Today …Till Next Post…Have a Great Time !!


FDC showing Periodic Table  Radium (Ra) highlighted invented by Marie Curie 

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Philatelic items from Jammu and Kashmir Postal Circle

JAMMU AND KASHMIR POSTAL CIRCLE issued a variety  of philatelic items during recent Jammu stamp Show listed below.

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Stamp Cards issued during CHINAR – 2011 , Srinagar


Chinar-2011-Stamp Cards

Chinar-2011-Stamp Cards

Chinar-2011-Stamp Cards 001

Chinar-2011-Stamp Cards 002 

Chinar-2011-Stamp Cards 003




image002 (1)
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