07 December 2011

New Stamp from India


The Smile Train – Cleft Surgery


Date of Issue : 6 December 2011

Screenshot_3 : Mahesh Reddiar  www.PhilaIndia.info


Smile Train is a not-for-profit,  organization based in New York City with the mission of providing free corrective surgery for children with cleft lip and palate in about 80 developing countries. Founded in 1999, Smile Train focuses on providing free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals. Smile Train uses technology including surgery-training software and grading of operations via digital imaging to increase efficiency.


Hi ! After a gap I have started giving regular updates on new stamps and other philatelic activities. I have received covers of 11.11.11 from my friends and readers which I would publish soon. India Post issued a new postage stamp on The Smile Train – Cleft Surgery on 6 December 2011.

New Stamp Booklets

19 stamp  Booklets were issued during Chinar 2011,Stamp Exhibition  Srinagar.


Stamp Booklets – 5 - 9

Chinar-2011-Stamp Booklet-15 (each 10x5) 02 

Chinar-2011-Stamp Booklet-15 (each 10x5) 02

Chinar-2011-Stamp Booklet-15 (each 10x5) 02

Chinar-2011-Stamp Booklet-15 (each 10x5) 02 


Screenshot_3 : Hemant Kr.Jain , Mandla (MP)

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