14 December 2011

INDONESIA 2012 World Stamp Championship



INDONESIA 2012 World Stamp Championship

INDONESIA 2012 will be held at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia from 18 to 24 June 2012. The theme of Indonesia 2012 is "Bridging to the World of Peace through Stamps". Mr Sahdeva Sahoo is the National Commissioner. The last date of sending entry form is 15 December 2011. Those interested may fill entry form and send  4 copies of entry form   by post to the commissioner and  send one scanned copy by at the earliest by email to commissioner.email : sahadevas@yahoo.com   Postal address :

Sahadeva Sahoo 'Saswat', D-3, B. J. B. Nagar, Bhubaneswar 751014

Organization, Venue and Date

2.1 WSC INDONESIA 2012 is a specialized FIP World Stamp Exhibition known as the "World Stamp Championship" held under Article 2.1.2 of the General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions (GREX) which states: "Specialized World Exhibitions restricted to one or several Exhibition Classes and open to all F.I.P. members."

2.2 WSC INDONESIA 2012 is organized by the Indonesian Philatelists Association in co-operation with the PT Pos Indonesia (Indonesian Post), and fully supported by the

Minister of Communication and Information , and the Minister of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regula­tions for Exhibitions.

WSC INDONESIA 2012 is managed and run by an Organizing Committee. The Exhibition will be held at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia from 18 to 24 June 2012.

A total of 2,500 frames of the world's finest philatelic collections will be in competi­tion.

The Exhibition will open on Monday, June 18, 2012 and close on Sunday, June 24, 2012.

Patronage, Auspices and Applicable Regulations

3.1 WSC INDONESIA 2012 is a "World Stamp Championship" Exhibition which was officially granted Patronage in the F.I.P. 71 st Congress in Lisbon, Portugal on October 10,2010.

Conditions of Participation

4.1 Competitive Exhibition Classes:

Exhibitors from FIP Member Federations thereof shall be eligible for WSC INDONE­SIA 2012. An exhibitor who satisfies the following conditions may submit exhibits (for classes 2 to 9 under Article 5.2 below): Entries winning at least a Vermeil award at the National Exhibitions (for classes 2 to 9)

4.2 The exhibitor participating in the "World Stamp Championship" Class must person­ally accompany his/her exhibit to the Exhibition (unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Organizing Committee at least three month before the Exhibi­tion and under exceptional circumstances only).

4.3 Non-Competitive Classes:

Entries in non-competitive classes (including Court of Honour) shall be by special invitation at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

Article 5 - Exhibition Classes

5.1 Non-Competitive Exhibits (By invitation only)

5.2 Competitive Exhibition Classes

Class 1 World Stamp Championship

For traditional philately exhibits that have been awarded

a) FIP Gold/Large Gold medals at the exhibitions with patronage or auspices of FIP.

b) FIP Grand Prix (Grand Prix National, Grand Prix International, Grand Prix D'Honneur & Grand Prix d'Exposition)

Neither the 10-year time frame restriction stated in GREX Article 9.1 nor GREX Article 9.6 applies here;

GREX Article 9.1 Participation in the FIP Championship Class is restricted to exhibits which have received 95 or more points in FIP World Exhibitions in any three separate years during the previous 10 years.

GREX Article 9.6 On receiving the Grand Prix d'Honneur in the FIP Championship Class, or having completed eligibility under Article 9.4, an exhibit may only be shown out of competition by the same owner.

Class 2 Traditional Philately

A) Indonesia

B) Asia, Oceania and Africa

C) Europe

D) America

Class 3 Postal History

A) Indonesia

B) Asia, Oceania and Africa

C) Europe

D) America

Class 4 Postal Stationery

Class 5 Aerophilately

Class 7 Thematic Philately

Class 9 Revenue

Class 10 Youth Philately

Group A 10-15 years old

Group B 16-18 years old

Group C 19-21 years old (As of January 01, 2012)

Class 11 Philatelic Literature

A) Philatelic books and research papers (published on or after January 01,2007)

B) Philatelic magazines and periodicals (the whole annual volume issued after January 01, 2010)

C) Catalogues (published after January 01,2010)

Exhibitors are requested to fill in the particulars stated in the "Philatelic

Literature Exhibit Information Form", in addition to the "Exhibit Application Form".

Class 12 One-Frame Exhibit (Experimental Class)

Exhibits in this class should be based on a subject that is best treated as One Frame. An extract from a past international award winning multiple frame exhibits (5 to 8 frames) to One Frame is not allowed.

Awards are represented by Points (60 points to 100 points) and Award Certificates only. No medals will be awarded. Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 60 points.

Exhibits will be classified under:

A) Traditional

B) Postal History

C) Postal Stationery

D) Aerophilately

E) Thematic

F) Revenue

* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the

sub-class (A, B, or C, etc) the exhibit is entering.

Class 13 Promotional Class

The objectives of the Promotional Class are to encourage collectors of Modern Philatelic materials to exhibit at the highest level and to demon­strate to Postal Administrations that there are extensive bodies of philat­elists who collect and study materials issued by them in the past 20 years (1992-2011).

The organizing committee is making this class available for exhibits complying with the special regulations for Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic and Revenue classes.

Qualifying exhibits for the promotional class must contain philatelic mate­rials issued by Postal authorities within the last 20 years. Stamp series or philatelic topics chosen for this class which were substantially issued after 1992 are qualified as topics for the promotional class.

Promotional class exhibits will be judged according to the respective SREVs currently in force for the above-mentioned classes with the points awarded as follow:

Presentation 10 points

Treatment 30 points

Knowledge & Research 35 points

Condition & Rarity 25 points

Condition (10 points)

Rarity (10 points)

Difficulty of Acquisition (5 points)

Total 100 points

The distribution of points available recognize that Modern Philatelic mate­rial is worthy of study and in many instances is difficult to acquire, treat and present while the short passage of time since their issue has not provided an accurate indication of importance or rarity.

The promotional class will be treated as experimental and medals will not be provided, nor will they be recognized in the FIP/FIAP records. Awards are represented by CERTIFICATES only. Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 60 points.

Acceptance of entry into the promotional class for WSC INDONESIA 2012 will be based on the recommendation of national commissioners and at the discretion of the WSC INDONESIA 2012 Organizing Committee. Exhibitors are entitled to apply for 3 frames per exhibit. Acceptance of any entries in the promotional class will not preclude acceptances of entries in any other class. All other requirements of the IREX will apply

Article 6 - Judging of Exhibits and Awards

6.1 Exhibits in the Competitive Classes will be judged by appointed and accredited FTP judges in accordance with the principles laid down in the GREV and SREVs. Any deviation in judging system has to have the prior approval of the FIP Board. In the World Stamp Championship Class - World champion, First Runner up & Second Runner up awards (medals) will be given by the judges as the final round of judging, from a number of finalists.

Exhibits in other classes, except classes 12 and 13, will receive medals as stated in

GREX Article 8.4. A Grand Prize of the Exhibition (Grand Prix d'Exposition) will be awarded according to GREX Article 8.3(b); from exhibits in Classes 2 to 9.

A special prize known as the Best Exhibit of the National Class will be awarded to an exhibit from Classes 2A & 3A.

8.3 Exhibit Application Forms duly filled shall be submitted through the respective Com­missioners to the Organizing Committee not later than December 15, 2011- When submitting the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor shall attach a copy of the introductory page, in one of the FIP's official languages.

8.4 Exhibitors may enter exhibits under a pseudonym. However, their true identities must be notified to the Organizing Committee (GREX Article 16).

8.5 Notification of acceptance or rejection shall be sent to the applicants through their respective Commissioners by 18 February 2012.

- Participation Fee

9.1 There is no fee for Non-Competitive Class entries and Youth Philately Class.

9.2 The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Class 10, 11, 12 & 13) will be US$60 per frame

9.3 The participation fee for Literature & Promotional Class (Class 11 & 13) is US$90 per exhibit

9.4 The participation fee for One-Frame Exhibit (Class 12) is US$120 per exhibit.

Read Rules and Regulations in detail :


Download entry form :


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