25 December 2011

Christmas stamp from Ukraine…


Merry Christmas !!


Date of Issue : 23 December 2011

On the Christmas day I am giving here the last issue of this year’s Christmas Stamp from Ukraine. Ukraine Post issued it very late…as  it might have been late for those who wished to send Christmas Card using this stamp ….But this sheetlet is wonderful  with Santa and Christmas Tree !! It features Santa Claus carrying a bag of presents and people standing in front of a Cathedral.

New Stamp from Israel

The Valley Railway



“The Valley Railway” (Rakevet HaEmek) is the Hebrew nickname for the Haifa branch line of the famed Hijaz Railway, which was built in the latter days of the Ottoman Empire to connect Damascus to Medina and Mecca in the Hijaz region of the Arabian Peninsula. This railway served both religious and military purposes.

Stamp  features Hijaz Railway “Hartmann 2-8-2” steam engine and a train against the background of the Jezreel Valley landscape.
The nice Tab attached to the stamp which is the specific feature of all Israeli stamps shows Turkish period buildings at the Kfar Yehoshua station, which were renovated and restored and currently serve as a visitor’s center Stamp Sheet Margins.

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