10 December 2011

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Gujpex 2011 updates

From Gujpex 2011 Secretariat


Special Postcards on Dandi March

On the occasion of Gujarat Philatelic Exhibition, Gujpex 2011, which is being held at Vadodara, from 23rd to 25th December 2011, a set of 22 special used picture postcards is being released to commemorate the historic Dandi March.

These special post cards shall be posted at Ashram Road Post Office, Ahmedabad and at 21 other locations along the route of Dandi March, wherever Mahatma Gandhi halted for the night and from where he resumed his march the next morning. All these post cards will addressed to Secretary, Gujpex 2011, c/o Postmaster, Dandi and shall be transmitted by normal postal channel to Dandi and delivered to the addressee.

Only 500 post cards shall be posted at each of the 22 locations and these post cards shall be serially numbered from 1 to 500. On delivery at Dandi, the postcards shall be arranged in 500 sets, each containing of 22 post cards of same number but posted at 22 different locations on the route as stated above. These post cards shall bear the cancellation of offices of posting and delivery stamp of Dandi Post Office. Each such set shall be placed in a Khadi pouch along with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by an appropriate Postal Authority.

Of the 500 sets of picture postcards so issued and arranged, only 450 sets shall be available for sale, each at a price of Rs. 1000/- only. However, first 100 pre-bookings will be provided at 30% discount, i.e. for Rs. 700/- only and remaining pre-bookings at 15% discount, i.e. for Rs. 850/- only. These shall also be available on sale at the venue of exhibition at a discount of 15%, i.e. for Rs. 850/- only.

Interested philatelists and collectors are advised to send their requests for pre-bookings and the requisite amount by MO or e-MO with full contact details to -

Postal Training Centre
Harni Road,
Harni Colony P.O.
VADODARA - 390 022

The booking can also be made in person by paying in cash. If the amount is being sent by i-MO or e-MO then the amount may be sent presuming 15% discount. If the pre-booking order qualifies for the 30% discount as stated above, the remaining amount shall be refunded later. Pre-bookings shall be accepted upto 21st December 2011.

The receipt of i-MO or e-MO in original and photo identification is necessary to personally collect the booked set from the venue of the exhibition. If the booked set is not collected personally, then the same will be sent by insured post.

: Prashant Pandya, Vadodara

My Recent Covers

Received covers and cards recently from my friends. Many thanks to all of you !!


Picture 013

Andrzej Bek, Poland - http://polpostman.blogspot.com/

11.11.11 PostCards

Picture 008

Vijay Modi – Himmatnagar, Gujarat

Picture 008

Sudhir Jain – Satna (MP)


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