09 February 2011

New Valentine’s Day stamps from Thailand…



Date of Issue : 7 February 2011

Thailand Post has issued two postage stamps on 7 February to welcome Valentine's Day. They feature images that serve as a "Symbol of Love". This year's Thailand stamps are different from those of previous years, which presented a variety of colorful roses. The images on the stamps of this year come from the participating of postage stamp lovers' votes.




Recent stamps from Thailand

150th Anniversary of Charoen Krung Road


Date of Issue :  5 February 2011


The Road that Connects History

Charoen krung Road or the New Road, starting from Sanamchai Road and reaching the Chao Phraya River at Tok Road, is the first road to have built with Westen technology. It passes through the area of Phra Nakhon, Sumphanthawong, Pomprab Satruphai, Bang Rak, Sathorn and Bang Kholaem District. Its historical value is linked with the architectural structures that lie along the road and the road has been part of the development of Bangkok and its city planning for more 140 years. When Bangkok changed the means of communication from water to the land, Charoen krung Road played a significant role in the transition.

The Eight Immortals Postage Stamps


Date of Issue – 1 February 2011


The Eight Chinese Deities

Li Tieguai, the Deity of Medicine and Medical Treatment, is a young, intelligent and robust man. He is a vegetarian, follows religious precepts and leads an austere life.
Han Zhongli, the Deity of Fortune, is plump and of huge stature, with a board forehead, long thick eyebrows and a large nose.
Lu Dongbin, is the Deity of Industry, Trade and Business, Intellectual People and Poets. He has a high crown, long ear-lobes, long eyebrows and elongated eyes like those of a swan. His left eyebrow is marked with a black mould. His face features a large, round nose, chubby cheeks, a wide mouth and long, slender neck. This eight-foot-two-inch-Deity is clever and has very good memory.
Zhang Guo Lao, is the Deity of stability, Long Life and Good Health. The Zhang Guo Lao legend has it that a white bat lived on the sunlight and the moonlight for over a thousand years until it was made into the deity. He can transform himself into an aged man and he has a white donkey as his vehicle.
Lan Caihe, is the Deity of Flowers and Abundance. According to legend, this Deity was given a miraculous fruit that enabled him to maintain his youthful looks and complexion forever. There is nothing to show whether this Deity is male or female, but, in Taoism, he is to be taken a male.
He Xiangu, is the Deity of Virtues, Loyalty and Gratitude. He is knowledgeable, articulate and his words are endowed with reason. He is graceful and tender in his manner. He loves to help the deprived with his magical powers and he is able to give solid predictions.
Han Xiang Zi, is the Deity of Fortune-Telling. He is regarded as a prophet and a music lover. Having a special interest in people who had magical power he took lessons in magic and practised penance with Lu Dongbin.
Cao Guojiu, is the Deity of Statusand Prestige, Royal Deities, Employees and Loyalty. He was a member of the royal family and was blessed with a great fortune, yet he decided to sacrifice his luxurious and easy life for meditation.

: Siam stamp  

Club News

Spellman Museum, Weston, Massachusetts  will be open Friday, February 11, until 8:30 for children and adults to make Valentine cards, envelopes, pins and small gifts decorated with US Love stamps.  Children admitted free. There will be a small charge for certain gifts.  The museum staff will help visitors create stamp Valentine pins, Valentine envelopes decorated with "love" stamps, and cut out hearts covered with stamps for their loved ones.The museum will also have a display of U.S. "love" stamps issued over the years.

: Spellman Museum


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Kat | Post Card Design said...

I like the Charoen Krung Road stamp; looks authentic an vintage. The Eight Immortals postage stamps would definitely a click for kids; they usually collect stamps and use them on their stuff. I'd definitely have one too.

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