17 February 2011

INDIPEX 2011.. Glimpses

Hi ! I am back to my blog and writing this post from New Delhi after visiting the exhibition. Here are some pics taken today at the venue. The awards have been announced and will be available soon on website of INDIPEX.It was a grand exhibition visited by large number of collectors from different parts. More pics in next Post ......Till Then ..have a Great Time !

Gangadhar Tripathi, Shantanu Panigrahi;hilatelist from Orissa, Suraj Jaitly Sanjiv Jain, Mrs Jain, Prashant Pandya, J Jyoti

Dealer's booths

Some dealers outside the exhibition hall

Inside the hall

Meeting with philatelists : Ajay, Srini Thevaryan (From Klang malaysia0; Atul Jain ( Bilaspur CG) , J.Jyoti

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