19 February 2011

INDIPEX 2011....

Hi ! Here are some more pics to share with you all...Just for those who could not visit INDIPEX 2011 and want to have a look of the exhibition. I attended the exhibition for two days and met with large number of philatelists and of course got a chance to meet many of those who visit my blog but never met in person. So it was really nice to meet many readers of my blog at the grand show. The show was organized sucessfully but there were some shortcomings. It would have been nice if all the covers issued at the exhibition were available at a prticular counter. A long queue was there for My stamp.....there could have been more counters.....About the results....not still available on INDIPEX Site.....I wish to specify some results here....in the Thematic Section Rose collection of Dr Satyendra Agarwal won Large Vermeil, which is the highest award in Thematics category won by Indian collector. In Tradiontional Philately Indians won Gold medals...In literature class Rainbow Stamp News was awarded Bronze & Dr SK Agarwal's book of articles won a Silver Bronze medal. Many more awards to mention ....will write after going through whole award list. I wish to write more about the exhibition.... but Time is very short and I am busy .....& will write in next Post.... Thanks to all those whom I met at the exhibition and feel extremely sorry for those friends whom I cud not contact though they were at the exhibition....as it was crowded and sometimes difficult to find ....Hope we will meet next time.....This is all for tonight....More in Next Post... Till then Have a Nice Time !

Memorable Moments

Ajay Agarwal ( Akola) with his exhibit on Scouting, Prashant Padya, J.Jyoti

Discussion with Jury

Special Covers

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Mark Butterline said...

Hi Rainbow,

Looks like a really nice exhibition. I wish I could have gone. I much appreciate your posting of pictures from the show.

Were any attendance figures announced? Just curious.

Mark Butterline
Boston, USA

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