08 February 2011

New Stamp from India..


08.01.11 010

V. Subbiah

Date of Issue – 7 February 2011

: Jagannath Mani


My recent Covers

Picture 080

Andrzej Bek, Poland


Picture 080

Kristina, Finland

Picture 081

I received this cover, Postcard  and some nice used stamps  from Kristina of  Finland. But postal address of the sender is not given. Thank you very much Kristina. I found ur name on customs declaration label only. Plz email me your postal address so that a nice cover from India could be sent to you !!.

 Copy of thanks

From our Readers ..



Date of Issue - 4 February 2011 

08.01.11 007

A special cover was issued  by Army Postal Service on 15 February 1986 to commemorate Diamond Jubilee of Corps of Signals. A  postage stamp was issued by India Post on 4 February on 100 years of  Corps of Signals.

: Jagannath Mani



Hindustan – 7 February 2011

: Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

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