03 February 2011

Europa 2011 - Year of Forests..

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To commemorate EUROPA year  of Forests Jersey Post will issue a set of four stamps on February 8, 2011. United Nations has also declared the year 2011 as International Year of Forests. Two out of four stamps bear the official  logo of EUROPA. The stamps will be issued in Mini sheet of 10 Stamps.

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Date of Issue – 8 February 2011





From our Readers….

Exhibiting in Non Competitive for more than the Gold

- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

Winning the gold is the ultimate dream for many exhibitors, but there are still many reasons why we exhibit. May be we want to inspire and educate people through our exhibits, or to show to everybody our collection that we gathered painstakingly over the years. What ever it maybe, exhibiting has many facets that brings the best in every exhibitors.

In consonance with the noble intention to propagate the hobby of stamp collection Karnataka postal circle requested the philatelists to display their exhibits during the postal week “ phila fest” in last October. Since then many of the local schools & colleges in Bangalore are now requesting our Karnataka philately society to display exhibits and the society members to display their collection in various places , along with other exhibits. I too displayed my Exhibit titled “ The Images of Summer Olympics” and their was huge response from the visitors and the students.

Apparently, exhibiting in non-competitive level brings a different kind of joy and fulfillment. It may be wonderful to receive medals, certificates and other special Prizes......., but if you exhibit for the sake of others and  encourage more philatelist to try exhibiting their collection, the satisfaction we get is more than the gold.

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