22 November 2010

Stamps on Bible Stories..



Jonah and the Fish 

Date of Issue – 21 November 2010

Hi ! Here are some beautiful stamps issued by Israel on Bible Stories. An International stamp exhibition "Jerusalem 2010   is also being held in Israel from 21 – 25 November  2010. Many new stamps are being issued during the exhibition. The grand event will feature tens of thousands of philatelic items, including 100 collections of rare stamps and special exhibits. The exhibition is organized by the Israeli Philatelic Federation and the Israel Post Philatelic Services. The Israel Post Philatelic Services has issued innovative items especially for the exhibition, including Israel’s first animated booklet based entirely on stamps, and other products that feature Jerusalem sites and landscapes.  My thanks to Dr Eli Moallem, Israel for today’s Post. Till Next Post … Have a Nice Time !

Parting of the Red Sea

Parting of The red sea

Israel  issues, a set of three stamps and one souvenir sheet "Bible Stories" on 22 November depicting Adam and Eve, Samson fights the lion and Jonah and the fish (whale). The souvenir sheet depicts Parting of the Red Sea by Moses.


Samson and the Lion

Adam and Eve

Adam & Eve

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