29 November 2010

New Stamps on Science & Technology..




Date of Issue – 10 November 2010


1 Malaysia Issue

The second of the one Malaysia issues embodies the technological advancement of the country with the cultural background of Malaysia. Each stamp in this issue is depicted with the technological advancement with its cultural counterpart.

The “WAU” technology

The wau is a traditional Malaysian kite which soars high up in the sky, where it symbolizes Malaysia’s conquest for space exploration and to reach greater heights in technological advancement.

Basket of Bio Wealth

The application of biotechnology offers advancement in current sectors like agriculture, medicine and many more. Biotechnology, similarly to weaving a basket, the ability to convert a material into a useful appliance is epitomized by this traditional craftsmanship.

Songket” Weaves Multimedia Magic

The songket, a beautiful and elegant fabric which requires patience and dexterity to produce is similarly as how Malaysia comes to having its multimedia industry.

Crafting Malaysia Skyline

Malaysia’s ever-changing skyline of Malaysia is like the block of wood where deft hands skillfully carved a work of art.

: Srinivasan Thevarayan – Klang, Malaysia


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