23 November 2010

Exhibit on Ramayana..



Ramayana - Page 1


Ramayana - Page 15

Hi ! I wish to share here few pages of an  exhibit on Ramayana prepared by Dr Eli Moallem of Israel. This exhibit has been awarded a vermeil medal at  International Stamp Show Jerusalem 2010 being held  in Israel from 21 – 25 November  2010.This might be of great interest to all philatelist especially Indian philatelists as the theme is related with Indian Mythology. Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Eli Moallem  on his grand success.  16 pages of the exhibit are given in  the album. This is all for Today….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !

Ramayana - Page 12

Ramayana - Page 4


Ramayana –  Exhibit by Dr Eli Moallem, Israel

Exhibition 2

Dr Eli may be contacted at email : eli573@zahav.net.il


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