13 November 2010

Made in Italy…



Date of Issue – 31 October 2010 

With famous Biscuit Brand  from Italy on stamp, Italian Post Office has issued a new stamp within its "Made in Italy" series featuring famous wine of Italy. The stamp is dedicated to Guido Berlucchi & C Spa, the icon of Italian alcoholic beverage industry situated in Franciacorta. On the right-hand side, there is a close-up of the first bottle of Pinot di Franciacorta produced by the Guido Berlucchi winemaking group in 1961, and on the left, the logo for the 50th anniversary.

Other products from Made in Italy series…


Date of Issue – 31 October 2010


Date of Issue – 29 October 2010

The stamp shows a detail of the fabric created by Frette using the ‘jacquard’ technique, introduced in the 19th century, on which features the letter “F”, the logo of the Company.


Date of Issue - 20 March 2010

The stamps feature, respectively, the first car built by Alfa Romeo, the “24 HP 1910”, and the new Giulietta model, inspired by the car produced in the 1950s. They are designed to represent the journey from the past to the present, and both illustrations also feature the logo of the centenary of Alfa Romeo. The tab, placed between the two stamps, shows the Alfa Romeo crest, the logo of the centenary and the two car models, just visible in the background.

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