06 May 2010

World Circus Geneva 2010

Date of Issue – 6 May 2010

In 2010, Geneva will be a world circus capital. The city with its hallmark "jet d'eau" fountain is hosting "World Circus Geneva 2010" with its wealth of cultural happenings, all revolving around the circus.

Swiss Post is delighted to join in this circus event and is issuing a new special stamp with a "circus look " today …( 6 May 2010).

The stamp, with a face value of CHF 1.40, shows a circus from an unusual angle: it presents a worm's eye view, with the tip of the big top resembling a clown's face.

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No provision of award in One Frame Class of INDEPEX 2011 …..

Naresh Agarwal, Bilaspur (C.G)

It is a matter of great pleasure that One Frame Exhibit Class is now being promoted in International exhibitions as It has also been included in INDEPEX 2011.But when we talk about promotion, the organizers need to do all such actions which encourage and inspire the philatelists constantly.

It is felt that organizers have not given much thought to the effects of not giving any prizes to the participants of this class as they have declared that only certificates will be awarded. I feel they are committing a mistake here. They must give away prizes in the form of medallions or mementoes to ONE FRAME PARTICIPANTS too. I really don’t understand the theory behind it. Funds can not be the issue for them to this purpose as the amount required to be spent for this will be very small in comparison to the total estimated expenditures for the whole show. Organizers can certainly afford prizes for this class. If not so much, low cost prizes can be provided.. But participants of this class must be served with prizes if FIP really aims to promote this class of philately which is its main motto too. Otherwise the purpose of organizing such exhibitions will be defeated.

I strongly feel that this matter should be taken up by PCI and other bodies with the governing council of Indepex2011.Thinking in other way too, the one frame exhibitors are paying Rs. 3000/-. i.e. Rs. 1000/- per frame than other classes. I do understand there are some incidentals, overheads and administrative expenses. Yet out of Rs.1000/-, a small amount for this purpose can be spared. But they must be given prizes. Though certificate has the real value but mementos / medallions serve as regular booster and a constant piece of joy, proud, inspiration and satisfaction. Which ultimately will help promoting philately.

R. Kasinath, Tanjore

Dear Ms. Jyoti,

I read the recent article on your blog on the postcards issued to commemorate 400th Anniversary of Vasco-da-Gama finding sea route to India. As a thematic collector on watercraft, explorers, navy, etc., I have seen one or two cards, but first time now seeing so much cards on the issue. Thanks also to Cdr. Acharya for sharing this info.

At this time, I also would like to share with you the Omnibus issue commemorating this event.
A set of eight stamps were issued on 1898 by the Portugal and its colonies - Azores, Macau, Madeira, Portugal, Portugese Africa, Portugese Congo, Portugese India, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, and Timor.
I am sending scan of the set of stamps of Madeira from my collection.

vasco madeira 1898

2-1/2 Reis - Fleet departing
5 Reis - Fleet arriving at Calicut
10 Reis - Embarking at Rastello

vasco madeira 1898 vasco madeira 1898 vasco madeira 1898

25 Reis - Muse of History
50 Reis - San Gabriel, da Gama, and camoens
75 Reis - Archangel Gabriel, the Patron saint

vasco madeira 1898

100 Reis - Vasco-da-Gama's flagship San Gabriel
150 Reis - Vasco-da-Gama

Kasinath R.
My Watercraft Philately -

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