14 May 2010

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LONDON 2010 – Festival of Stamps

Indian philatelists shine at LONDON 2010….

Pradip Jain_thumb[3]                   Lallan Singh

                                  Pradip Jain (Gold )                      Lallan Prasad Singh (Silver)

Mr Pradip Jain has been awarded Gold Medal for his one frame new exhibit "The Development of Airmail Route between Cairo and India until 1929" and the other exhibitor from Patna, Mr. Lallan Prasad Singh has also won Silver Medal for his exhibit entitled : Twin Cobra Overprints of Gwalior (On George V British India Stationery) in London 2010, World stamp exhibition. The First phase of the exhibition is over and second phase, 12 to 15 May 2010 begins,which include exhibits of  Class: Postal History, Aerophilately, Thematic and Youth one-frame. The rest of the result of other classes will be declared tomorrow .

Following participants from India have sent entry in London 2010:-
Name - Exhibit - (Frames)

1. Dhananjay Desai Sourth (8)
2. Abdual Hai India Pre-Ind.up to K.Ed. (5)
3. Pragya Kothari Grey Goose Wings (5)
4. Pradip Jain India-Cairo Air route (1)
5. Lallan P. Singh Twin cobra overprins (1)
6. Dinesh C. Sharma Literature
7. Vikas Singh Literature

TOI News  12.05.10

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