17 May 2010

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Award List of Indian participants AT LONDON 2010


One of the biggest philatelic shows of this year LONDON 2010 concluded in London on 15th May. All the participants from India came with flying colors.

Gold Medal and best of Class Award came to India, Patna - Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist.


Mr. Brian Trotter, Chairman London 2010 presenting the Best of Exhibit award to Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist India

There were 75 countries that participated in this grand show and 1000’s of visitor came to see the show everyday. There was much to see (and buy!) at the show, with over 200 stand holders, including many foreign postal administrations, plus numerous societies represented. This innovative approach made it possible for over 2,400 frames of material shown in 8 days.

The first phase 8 to 11 May 2010, entries in Class: Traditional, Revenues, Postal Stationery and One‐ Frame Exhibits (With link to George V) and in the second phase, 12 to 15 May 2010, entries in Class: Postal History, Aerophilately, Thematic and Youth one‐frame were shown.

Gold Medal and best of Class Award came to India (Patna) Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist for his one frame exhibit "The Development of Airmail Route between Cairo and India until 1929" as well as his son Mr. Pragya Kothari also awarded LARGE SILVER for his 5 frames exhibit and the other exhibitor from Patna, Mr. Lallan Prasad Singh has also won Silver Medal.

Following participants from India have sent entry in London 2010 and won the awards below :

Pradip Jain, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ GOLD MEDAL
The Development of the Airmail Route Cairo‐India 1918‐1929
The exhibit provides the details of the airmail route between Cairo and India until 1929 showing all the relevant and important items.

Mr. Dhananja Desai, Ahmedabad ‐ LARGE VERMEIL MEDAL
Soruth (Indian Feudatory State)
From early postal system to United State of Saurashtra. Typeset stamps, essay, colour trials, currency change and PC up to 1950.

India Pre Independence up to King Edward VII
Scinde‐Dawks, lithographs 1/2an, 1an, 2an & 4an all with various dies & printing, retouches, varieties, also proofs and specimen.

Pragya.jpg comp

Mr. Pragya Kothari, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ LARGE SILVER MEDAL
Grey Goose Wings
This collection gives a detailed treatment of archery, its initial development through the ages, and its use in the world of sport.

Lallan Singh

Lallan P. Singh, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ SILVER MEDAL
Twin Cobra Overprints of Gwalior (On George V British India Stationery)
The structure of the exhibit follows a chronological pattern covering a mint and used envelope, postcard & postal history items of Gwalior of King George V regal year.


Dinesh C. Sharma, Lucknow - Literature – Bronze


Vikas Singh, Ghaziabad - Literature - Bronze

Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners !

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