23 May 2010

Archie on US stamp soon....

To be issued on 16 July 2010

The postage stamp features Archie Comics most enduring and iconic image of the fabled romance - eternal teen Archie Andrews sharing a soda with his two favorite girls, brunette heiress Veronica Lodge and blonde girl-next-door Betty Cooper.

Hi !

The US Postal Service is going to feature the famous comic character, Archie on its forthcoming postage stamp to be issued on 16 July 2010 as a part of a new stamp collection titled "Sunday Funnies." . Archie is one of most the favorite comics of teenagers round the world. It’s great to see its 3 famous characters Archie, Betty and Veronica on this beautiful stamp in a very funny style. Of course this stamp will become favorite of many who love to read comics.The United States Postal Service will be honoring the Archie love triangle as part of the "Sunday Funnies" series for "offering an idealized portrait of American adolescence" since 1946, when the comic books expanded to include the newspaper strip. The daily newspaper strip, now written by Craig Boldman and illustrated by Fernando Ruiz, continues to run in newspapers and online publications worldwide. This is all for this Sunday….Till Next Post…..Have a fantastic time !

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