06 September 2016

Paying Tributes to Teachers...

Date of Issue : 6 September 2016

Hongkong Post issued a set of 4 special stamps and a stamp sheetlet to pay tribute to teachers for their love and devotion to students.

Students are also encouraged to show reverence for their teachers through both words and deeds. Lets support this idea and this bright philatelic release.

Depicting chalk drawings on a blackboard, this set of four stamps and stamp sheetlet conveys five messages on the theme of “A Tribute to Teachers”. The design honours  the dedicated teachers and reinforces the respect they have earned.
From 1998 onward, September 10th each year has been observed as “Teachers’ Day”, with a view to encouraging open communication between teachers and students and fostering a learning and teaching environment that embraces trust and encouragement as each school year begins. “A Tribute to Teachers” is not only about students respecting teachers, but also about teachers caring for their students.
Source : Hong Kong Post

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