08 September 2016

Enjoy Nature....It's your Right !!

Date of Issue : 9 September 2016
Here is a  beautiful set of stamps to be issued by Finnish Post on 9th September 2016. Everyone in Finland can enjoy nature regardless of its ownership relations. This right is honored by the Everyman‘s rights stamps in the Finland 100 years series. The set of four stamps has been designed by Jussi Kaakinen.
Everyman’s rights, or the freedom to roam, refer to the general public’s right to enjoy nature and benefit from it regardless of who owns the area. The freedom to roam is based on the country’s age-old custom that has been in existence since time immemorial. Everyman’s rights always involve the requirement of harmlessness: freedom to roam must not cause harm or disturbance.
“The photographs represent different seasons, the most common natural environments and people from children to the elderly. They enjoy being in nature and know how to behave there. As a first-time stamp designer, I was fascinated by the simplification required by the small image size, but also by the fact that even such a small space is enough to depict vast landscapes. The landscapes on the Everyman’s rights stamps continue outside the actual stamp area, and when separated from the sheet, the stamp may look surprisingly different”, says Kaakinen.

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