11 September 2016

It's Children's world

 Date of Issue : 7 September 2016

Here is a beautiful set of stamps from New Zealand Post featuring children's health and development.. The 2016 Children’s Health stamps show how Kiwi kids can easily embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through regular daily exercise. Just 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day is all it takes for kids to build strong, healthy bodies and minds, and friendships too. Whether it’s walking or biking to school, playing sports at lunchtime or climbing the jungle gym – it’s all doable in a day for our kids at play !

This beautifully illustrated stamp issue consists of three stamps that show children in simple, everyday play. Each stamp represents one of the three key areas of exercise that help keep children healthy: aerobic activity, strength building and flexibility. Together, the three stamps form a seamless illustrated image.

Ten cents from the sale of each stamp in this issue goes directly to Stand Children’s Services Tu Maia Whanau (formerly known as Children’s Health Camps). The stamps help to aid the valuable service that Stand provides to children and their families in need around New Zealand. New Zealand Post has been a proud supporter of Children’s Health Camps since 1929.

$1.00 + 10c - Aerobic 

Let’s get physical! Boys and girls of different ages come together for a casual game of touch rugby. Kicking a ball around is a fun team sport that builds confidence and camaraderie. This aerobic activity increases the heart rate and helps to pump oxygen through the body.

$1.80 + 10c - Strength 

Build big, strong muscles and bones! With little more than a rope and a bunch of enthusiastic children, you can have a classic game of ‘tug of war’. A great all-over strength workout with endless fun and health benefits.

$2.20 + 10c - Flexibility 

Limber up the limbs! Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous. Some gentle stretching during a PE class, at home, or at the park is all it takes to develop and maintain flexible joints.

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