24 September 2016

Cycling in Ireland

Date of Issue : 15 September 2016

An Post issued a set of stamps which recognize the growth in popularity of cycling in Ireland. The ‘Cycling in Ireland’ stamps  feature four different aspects of the sport in Ireland: Commuting and safety, family and leisure, sportive and charity and high performance and competition.

Cycling in Ireland has grown hugely as a pastime for people of all ages and abilities.  People are getting on their bikes for a variety of reasons, for fitness, as a commute option, a competitive sport or for charity.   The rise of the MAML or Middle Aged Man in Lycra is an often used term! A better measure of the popularity of the sport is the 800 events organised annually in the Cycling Ireland calendar.

From grassroots to elite level there are competitive Road, Off-road, BMX, CycloCross and Track events with leagues and racing 12 months of the year.  On the Leisure and charity cycling side, every weekend a plethora of events take place all over the country, often providing a cash injection to local charities and communities. All of this happens through the volunteers who make up the 450 registered cycling clubs nationwide.

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