04 March 2016

New Stamp on Easter

Date of Issue : 8 March 2016

Easter Rabbit - a symbol of fertility and joy

Croatian post will issue  a commemorative postage stamp on March 8, 2016, Easter 2016 . This  festive Croatian stamp  depicts cute and funny Bunny. This small and timid animal to whom his antennas are his only weapon, is the symbol of that joy, of the victory over death, of that renovated and always renewable world.

Easter implies the dimensions of suffering and death and just by their turning into bridge leading to Father‘s home every joy acquires its legitimacy and its meaning.

Rabbit depicted on this new Croatian stamp is associated with the ancient goddess of Mother-Earth symbolizing its fertile and fertilizing waters. Thus, it becomes in itself the symbol of fruitfulness and reproduction and later even occasionally runs to the side of sins and bans. His mythic history does not have only its daily but also its nighty side.

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