26 March 2016

New Scented stamps from Malaysia...

Date of Issue : 7 March 2016

Pos Malaysia has issued its second series of ‘Scented Flowers’ stamps in continuation of the ‘Scented Flowers of Malaysia’ series in 2001.Pos Malaysia’s head of Stamp and Philately Unit, Diyana Lean Abdullah said the series featured four scented flowers namely the Bread Flower (Kesidang) which will be sold in 70 sen denomination, Yellow Saraca (Gapis) and Cannonball Flower (Peluru Meriam) at 80 sen each as well as specially infused jasmine scented miniature sheets, Cape Jasmine (Bunga Cina) at RM5.30 each.

This series also unveiled stamps with Jawi inscription for the first time ever and Pos Malaysia will continue to produce all its future stamps in this manner. — Bernama


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