10 March 2016

New Easter Stamp

Date of Issue : 4 March 2016
Easter is celebrated around the world in a surprising variety of ways – with traditions like chocolate bunnies, wooden rattles, cod fish, and bonfires. In keeping with its traditions, Magyar Posta is celebrating Easter by issuing a definitive postage stamp. At the centre of the spring-welcoming, trailing floral, calligraphic design of the stamp is the Hungarian word for Easter “Húsvét”.

Easter is pre-eminent among high days and holidays as it both welcomes the arrival of spring and is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ in the Christian world. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds laid their clothes and palm branches on the ground to welcome the Saviour, and today in Hungarian churches branches of pussy willow are blessed in remembrance of this.
The lambis another ancient symbol of Easter whose origin is also to be found in the Bible. Yet the Easter lamb is closely associated with the awakening of nature as this is the lambing season bringing new life to the world.
When Lent ends, winter also comes to a close, thus Easter is also a celebration of the rebirth of nature. As the days grow warmer, nature awakes. The first flowers push through the ground and soon the boughs of the trees are covered in blossom, bidding farewell to the bareness of winter as verdure returns to the world. The decoration of churches with flowers and branches on the Holy Saturday morning for Easter likewise symbolises the rebirth of nature.

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- Ambrish Kumar , Allahabad

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