26 March 2016

New stamp on Einstein..

 100 Years of   Einstein's Theory of Relativity 

Date of Issue : 20 March 2016

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, is most famous by his theory of relativity by which he introduced a revolution to modern physics was commemorated by a new special commemorative stamp by Croatia Post  on 20th March 2016.

General theory of relativity is a geometric theory that suggests that the presence of mass and energy “curves” space-time (physical concept that fuses space and time dimensions in one matter), and curvature impacts the way of free particles. The theory of relativity is named this way because according to it absolute greatnesses do not exist rather everything is relation to one another, and consists of two scientifically theories in the physics field: special relativity and general relativity.
One hundred years after Einstein’s General theory of relativity, in February 2016, scientists from Columbia University (New York) confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. This revelation confirmed Einstein’s final unconfirmed theory according to which gravitational waves move at the speed of light in a vacuum and have deviation in space. Evidence that gravitational waves exist proves Einstein’s theory that the term space-time is not emptiness but yet four ‒ dimensional “fabric” that could be stretched in cases in which objects pass through it.

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