07 February 2015

New Valentine’s Day stamps



Heartwarming stamps:  Special stamps celebrating Valentine's Day will be released on February 12.

Hongkong Post will release a set of special stamps and associated philatelic products on 12 February to celebrate Valentine's Day.

14th Feb is Valentine’s Day in the West, a time at which people send loving words and warm blessings to their loved ones. To celebrate this special day, Hong Kong Post is issuing a set of six Heartwarming stamps featuring different heart-shaped designs.

Lollipop (Local Mail Postage) ‒ The colourful heart-shaped lollipop with swirls brings to mind a romantic and warm-hearted mood.

Cake (Local Mail Postage) ‒ Let the intricately decorated heart-shaped cake convey a sense of heartfelt care.

Bread with Fried Egg (Local Mail Postage) ‒ The heart-shaped, double yolk, sunny side up egg on the bread depicts a harmonious and happy life.

Four-leaf Clovers (Air Mail Postage) ‒ A three-dimensional heart formed by a cluster of four-leaf clovers denotes a lifetime of bliss.

Balloons (Air Mail Postage) ‒ Arranged in the shape of a heart, the brightly-hued balloons call to mind happy and joyful thoughts.

Photo Frame (Air Mail Postage) ‒ An exquisite heart-shaped photo frame decorated with beautiful pastel coloured roses is ideal to remind us of delightful memories captured in photos.

Valentines Day Stamps from Philippine Postal Corporation



Date of Issue : 14 January 2015

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) issued Forever in Love comic strips stamps to celebrate the season of heart. These special stamps accentuate cupid's role in how two people fall in love, and stay in love forever.

PHLPost started to release the Valentine's Day stamps as early as January 14, one month before the much anticipated red letter day for love and romance, to drum up the interests in the said stamps. This is the first comic strips stamps issued for this occasion, illustrated by in-house graphic artist Rod Teodoro.


Club News

“GREETINGS FROM OMAN” – A philatelic exhibition at Berlin


From March 5th to March 29th 2015  a philatelic exhibition “GREETINGS FROM OMAN ” will be held in Berlin Museum . On March 5th and 6th a pictorial postmark will be available at 10117 BERLIN.

The pictorial postmark is featuring a  dagger from  Oman( Khanjar), the logo of the German-Oman Society and the gate of Brandenburg in Berlin. Interested philatelists (maybe from the Sultanate of Oman) may please contact:Wolfgang Beyer,Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ARGE Zoologie. Mail: Wolfgang.beyer1@aol.de. Postage rates:0,80 Euro AIRMAIL and 2,95 Euro Registered AIRMAIL.

Courtesy: Wolfgang Beyer, Joachim Duester (German-Oman Society) and Wolfgang Hoelzl

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