27 February 2015

New stamps on Birds



Date of Issue : 19 February 2015

Here are new stamps  for bird lovers. Croatian Post released a series of stamps dedicated to exotic birds that are favorite children’s pets. The issue consists of four stamps depicting four kinds of birds: sulpher-crested cockatoo, canary, budgerigar, zebra finch. The philatelic release was unveiled and put into circulation on the 19th of February.


Sulpher-crested cockatoos are sociable and playful. They are also demanding birds that need plenty of interaction and cuddle time. They are smart and known for solving puzzles and other games. Sulphur-crested cockatoos can be more independent than other cockatoo species, so get to know your bird’s likes and dislikes. Adult breeder birds of this species are more aloof than those that are hand-raised. Hand-raised babies make the best pets because they develop a more playful attitude and are not demanding pet birds if given enough to do. To keep these pet birds happy, they need at least one hour of playtime a day as well as exercise time with their owner and several more hours of supervised out-of-the-cage time.

The quintessential pet bird, the canary has enjoyed steady popularity for more than a century. Its beautiful song and color and its charming nature have endeared it to many bird enthusiasts. All canaries originate from the same species, but there are three types, or breeds, popular in the United States: color-bred canaries, type canaries and song canaries. Their behavior is active, jaunty, alert and happy.

The budgerigar is a small colourful bird native to Australia. The budgerigar is thought to be a sub-species of parrot, making the budgerigar one of the smallest parrot species in the world. The budgerigar is often called a parakeet or a budgie and the budgie is one of the most popular birds to keep as pets, both in outside aviaries and in cages in homes. Budgerigars are thought to be popular pets due to their small size and brightly coloured feathers.

There are numerous species of finch, but among the most popular as pets are the zebra finch and the society finch. These species are hardy and relatively easy to care for, so are an excellent choice for the new owner. Some of the other finch species are more challenging to care for and are best left for more experienced finch keepers. As an example, the Lady Gouldian finch is a strikingly beautiful, brightly colored finch, but are more difficult to care for and keep successfully than zebra finches.

Stamp on Easter from Czech Republic


Czech Post is going to release a special stamp to celebrate the upcoming Easter. The stamp depicts Ester Bunny – a bright symbol of this holiday. The issue is to be released on the 4th of March.

Easter belongs to the most popular holidays in a large part of the world. It celebrates spring with the awakening of nature, its fertility, hope and love. Different villages boast different Easter customs and traditions that used to spread over the entire six-week Easter period. The aim was to get rid of everything old, to clean the house and cure the body to make them ready for the rebirth of nature.

Easter is a moveable feast that falls on a different date every year – always on the first Sunday after the first Spring Full Moon. If the first Spring Full Moon falls on a Sunday, Easter is celebrated the next Sunday. This means that Easter Monday may fall on any day between 23 March


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