04 February 2015

34th Racing Pigeon Olympiad, Budapest



Magyar Posta commemorated  the 34th racing pigeon Olympiad organized in Budapest between 15–18 January 2015 by issuing a commemorative stamp block and a set with two denominations. The issue was released on the 16th of January.

On one of the denominations of the numbered block containing two stamp designs of the same size but of different orientation, a former Olympic champion racing pigeon of Hungarian breed named Jr Villám(Lightening Jr) can be seen, while on the other stamp design a moment of a pigeon toss is captured, and this scene extends into the frame design of the block.


On the denominations of the set former Olympic champion pigeons of Hungarian breed can be seen, as well as a famous sight of Budapest. On the stamp design of a face value of HUF 115 First Lady and Heroes’ Square, while on the HUF 145 denomination Mr Villám and a part of the Fishermen’s Bastion can be seen. On the edge of the sheets containing 50 stamp designs, at the top and at the bottom, the logo of the 34th Racing Pigeon Olympiad is repeated.

The Hungarian Racing Pigeon Sports Federation of a history of more than 130 years is organizing the 34th Racing Pigeon Olympiad. The last time this prestigious event was held in Hungary was in 1975, so after 40 years the world’s pigeon breeders gathered in Hungary again. The Racing Pigeon Olympiad is also an exhibition and fair, in the scope of which professional programmes and conferences are organised, and it offers points of interest to the general public too. Delegates from 50 countries attended the Olympiad. Racing pigeon breeding is a worldwide sport and hobby.

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