26 June 2014

Year Book of Indian Philately : 2013


Book Review


Year Book of Indian Philately : 2013 By Madan Middha

Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013  by Madan Middha : Pages 271- Published by Vishesh Prakashan, Topi Bazar, Gwalior : Price Rs 300

Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013  by Mr Madan Middha has just been released. The book features every aspect of Indian Philately like articles on Indian Philately related subjects, listings of special covers, stamps, postal stationery, exhibitions, award winners etc. In this edition articles by renowned philatelists  have also been published. The list of important articles is given below :

  • Indian Telegraphs – A tribute by  Ilyas Patel,
  • Indo-Pak Mails – Arrangements after partition of 1947 by Ashok Kumar Bayanwala,
  • Azad Hind Stamps by  Naresh Agarwal,
  • Mahatma Gandhi, 1948 issues by  Sudhir Jain,
  • Indian Watermarks by  Madan Middha,
  • Window Delivery by  Rajesh Paharia,
  • Smart Money Order by  Prashant Pandya,
  • Unusual Stamps : Cloth Stamps by Ramarathnam K.
  • Special article on  “My Stamp” and “R.M.F.M. Metermarks”.
  • Terms Unexplained by Year Book Editorial Team
  • Rejoinders – Ungummed Definitives of India by P.G. Heda ; My Stamp by Editorial Team ; R.M.F.M. Meter Marks by Editorial Team

The book covers information on philatelic events of year 2013. Award List of international exhibitions, forthcoming international exhibitions, Indian stamps, postal stationery, Army covers, Special covers and postmarks issued during the year 2013 have been listed in the book. Information on Postal History events, exhibitions, society news has also been included in the year book.

Philatelic Tid – Bits is a very interesting section of this book. This section covers some very interesting news of the year 2013 of the philatelic world. One can find many uncommon and eye catching subjects in this section like SMS postage stamps, First Underground Post Office, news on academic recognition to philately, New Methods to check Rare Postage stamps and many more news items. It is a perfect book for all stamp lovers especially those who wish to get complete information about 2013 events of the Indian Philately. As the book covers each and every aspect it will prove very useful to every stamp collector from beginner to specialized collector. The paper, printing and layout of the book is very nice. I am sure the book will be an asset for all stamp collectors. This book is recommended to all philatelic libraries of philatelic societies and stamp clubs as well as to the libraries of schools and colleges for students.

The preface of this edition highlights the “Frustrations of a Philatelist” who are concerned with the future of their philatelic belongings and the hobby in general. Some important and thought provoking issues are taken by the editor.

2013 edition of the “Year Book of Indian Philately” is  available with Mr Madan Middha The price of the year book is Rs. 300 inclusive of postage in India.Readers may contact : Mr Madan Middha, Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, GWALIOR - 474 001. email : madan_middha@yahoo.co.in

Earlier editions of the Year Book have won a number of Regional, National & International Awards  It has won a Silver Medal at the IPhLA 2012 at Mainz, Germany; also a number of other awards at FIP & FIAP  philatelic exhibitions held in last few years.

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