13 June 2014

Indian theme on foreign stamps…




Here is a stamp issued by Israel Post featuring Indian theme. In year 1999, Israel Post  issued a stamp related to Indian costumes. The stamp features a Jewish woman in traditional costume of India. 

"Bene Israel" community, India

The Bene Israel community, the largest of the three Jewish communities in India, lives alongside the Baghdad and the Kochin Jews. For generations the community members lived in villages in the State of Maharashtra in Western India. Their traditional occupations were the production of oil, tilling the soil and carpentry. Under British rule, from the end of 17th century onwards, many community members moved to cities and acquired various professions in public services, especially in the postal and telegraph services, customs, railroad, shipping and medicine.

Socially the relationships between Bene Israel and their Hindu, Moslem and Christian neighbors were friendly, each honoring the customs of the other.

The Jews in India were never faced with prohibitions or limitations in dress, which they were free to choose according to their needs and ability. The Sari has always been the most common dress throughout India, amongst women of all religions. There have been no significant changes in the Sari over the generations, and it's current form is the same as when it made its first appearance in the first century CE. The Sari is a six to nine meter long piece of cloth, about a meter wide, not sewn nor cut, which is wrapped around the entire body. The manner of wear differs from one geographical region to another and, depends on the woman's activity. The women adorned their feet with heavy silver jewelry, and their faces were decorated with silver and gold ear and nose rings inlaid with gem stones. During the 1920's, when British education became widespread in girls' schools, far reaching changes occurred in dress, influenced by western attire, especially amongst the more affluent city dwellers, but the Sari still remains a very acceptable form of dress.

Orpa Slapak
Department of Jewish Ethnography
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Contributed by : Leeza Padhi – Cuttack

New special Covers



A special cover was released on Ch Mohammed Koya at Trivandrum on 9 June 2014

CH MOHAMMED KOYA (1927-1983), eminent writer, editor, eloquent orator, skilful organiser, leader of Indian Union Muslim League, Champion of the causes of depressed class, social reformer, member and speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly, Member of Parliament, Minister(Education, Home), Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister of Kerala and legendary leader in Kerala's socio-political-cultural fields.


A special cover on National Board of Examinations was released  on 5th May 2014 at New Delhi.


32 Years of Excellence in Post Graduate Medical Education and Examinations Established in 1982.  The National Board of Examinations has a distinguished track record of sending the country with capacity building and excellence in the field of Post Graduate Medical Education and Examinations.  NBE conducts examinations in 65 disciplines of modern medicine, 5 streams of entrance examinations & screening test for foreign medical graduates.

Two special Covers on 450th  Birth anniversary of Shakespeare Cancelled at Mysore and
Belgaum Philatelic Bureau at Karnataka State.




Latest News Briefs….

- Karnataka State released Two Special cover this month
1. Rotary.....  Polio
2. Sringeri Mat

- Kerala Postal Circle released a special cover of Haritha Keralam 2014  on World Environment Day

- Nagarcoil Philatelic Association  will organize a Philatelic Exhibition from
11 Jul 14 and 13 Jul 14.

- Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum

Polio Free India  Rotary International District 3190


India Post, Karnataka Postal Circle released a Special Cover on 05-06-2014 on Polio Free India  Rotary International District 3190 .  (Special Cover Approval No. KTK/08/2014)


: Ankit Agrawal - Pune


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