11 March 2014

Stamp on Red Cross



Date of Issue : 8 March 2014

Luxembourg  Post issued 3 stamps featuring different themes  on 8th March 2014. 

100 years of the Luxembourg Red Cross stamp

Post Luxembourg issued a stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Since 1914, the Luxembourg Red Cross has continuously expanded its activities in order to offer as much help as possible to the most vulnerable people, both nationally and internationally.

Therefore, this anniversary is an opportunity for the Red Cross to present its activities to the general public and rally the inhabitants of Luxembourg around the causes it defends.

2014 is also the time to take stock and look back at everything that has been achieved thanks to the involvement of men and women over the past 100 years.

The mission of the Luxembourg Red Cross is to help vulnerable people to live independently and with dignity. By mobilizing human solidarity, it acts in an exemplary, efficient and responsible way to rescue those in distress and prevent situations of material, health and social vulnerability, both in Luxembourg and abroad. The Luxembourg Red Cross acts in accordance with the fundamental principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

Its thousands of volunteers and over 1,700 professionals make it a leading player in the health, social, youth and humanitarian fields. The Luxembourg Red Cross is thus involved in activities as diverse as emergency international humanitarian aid, home care, blood transfusions, convalescence, the care of elderly or dependent people in integrated or day centers, social assistance, the care of migrants and refugees, individual help for people in difficulty, childcare centers and youth centers, or even social and family therapeutic services.

Other recent Issues from Luxembourg

LASEP’S 50th anniversary


Date of Issue : 8 March 2014

Following the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, the COL (Luxembourg Olympic Circle) organised a round table aimed at promoting sport in schools. Ady Pierrard, a teacher in the city of Luxembourg, had the idea of organising extracurricular sports in our schools, following the example of USEP, similar organisation in France and LASEL existing in Luxembourg’s secondary schools.

LASEP (Sports League of Primary Schools) was officially founded on 23 January 1964. Every year, on a national and regional level, LASEP sets out a sporting calendar with a large number of festivals and sporting events in which children from across the country have the opportunity to come together and play sport in a spirit of fair play and camaraderie.

LASEP also organises training sessions for over 5400 graduates working in around fifty sports associations.

The FSPL turns 80


Date of Issue : 8th March 2014

Natural Silk Stamp

The stamp issued on 80 years of “Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg”  is made of 100% natural silk. The top layer of the paper contains 30g of silk per square meter. The yarns used to make this stamp are the finest sized in existence. However, it is mainly aimed at stamp collectors and admirers the world over. This technique is mainly used for stamps commemorating very special events.

The “Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg” was founded in the City of Luxembourg on 22 February 1934. The FSPL was accepted as a member of the FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) in 1934. After the Second World War, there followed the major international exhibitions “100 Years of Luxembourg Stamps” in 1952, “Millennial Celebration of the City of Luxembourg” in 1963 and the first world youth stamp exhibition “JUVENTUS 1969” in 1969. The major national propaganda exhibition, where parts of the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England were displayed in Luxembourg for the first time, was held in 2012 under the themes “Treasures of Philately” and “160 Joer Lëtzebuerger Timber”.

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