09 March 2014

606 words on a stamp…



Here is a unique stamp from Belgium Post issued on 8th March. The postage stamp released by bpost to celebrate the International Women’s Day held the world record. The stamp with 606 words was recognized “stamp with the largest number of readable words” by Guinness World Records.

The stamp depicts a woman’s face that is composed of integral sentences coming from the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”.

The background of the image entirely consists of text. The stamp designer Ann Bessemans used the Big Vesta font for the text to make it perfectly readable in very small size.

It is the first time bpost is issuing a stamp dedicated to the International Women’s Day. “Bpost already released stamps with women in the lead role, but this is the first one for the International Women’s Day”, said Fred Lens, spokesman for bpost.

As a bonus, the stamp entered the philatelic world history: “We’ve sent our design to Guinness World Records, and it has immediately won in the category “stamp with the largest number of readable words”, says Lens. “The category didn’t exist before, but with 606 words, our record will hopefully just hold out”.

Club News


UPHILEX 2014, a state level exhibition is being held at Lucknow from 7-9 March 2014. About 300 frames with exhibits of different categories from collectors all over the state have been displayed in the exhibition .


: Ambrish Kumar - Allahabad

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