25 February 2014

New stamps on cute pets



Date of Issue : 21 February 2014

After dogs and cats on postage stamps of the series Children’s World – Pets by Hrvatska posta, there are now other four legs pets of somewhat smaller size but nonetheless lovable – rodents. Four new, fanciful postage stamps depicting hamster, guinea pig, European rabbit and chinchilla enter in circulation in Croatia from February, 21.


Hamster is among the most widespread pets in the world because it is easy to maintain, it does not need much space and enjoys the company of people. Hamsters are night animals, meaning that they are active during night and sleep at daytime. They are very playful, enjoy climbing and hiding in secret places. Therefore you have to watch attentively each of their steps.

Guinea pigs are among favorite pets because of their quite temperament. If you can it is advisable you take them in pair, because they do not like to be alone. In difference to hamsters, guinea pigs are not night animals, and they will keep you company all day long; they like to be caressed, because so they feel safe. Guinea pigs are lovable and playful animals that will for sure bring a lot of joy in your life.

Rabbits are very attached pets and enjoy the company of people. They also like to be caressed, so once you get a rabbit it will be impossible for you not to love this cheerful and hopping being. Safe and playful rabbit will constantly demonstrate its affection if you dedicate him enough time.

Chinchillas are gentle rodents, somewhat bigger than the squirrel, full of energy and very playful. They are night animals and enjoy sleeping which they do almost the whole day. This is ideal for a family and schoolchildren who arrive home late in the afternoon. You can be sure that this pet will always joyfully greet you and be ready to make you company.

Club News

AJPEX 2014


Ajpex 2014, 5th district level philatelic exhibition inaugurated on 24th February 2014 at Ajmer. A Special cover on Akbar Fort was released by Shri Jitendra Gupta, Postmaster General, Ajmer Region. Mr Rajesh Paharia, noted Philatelist of Jaipur was the special guest. On 25th February a Special cover will be issued on Dargah Shareef, Ajmer. A quiz competition was also organised during the exhibition.



: Kamran Ahmad - Ajmer

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