04 February 2014

New stamps from India - Indian Museum, Kolkata




India Post released a souvenir sheet on 2nd February 2014, comprising of 3 stamps ( 2 x Rs 20 & Rs 5) on Bicentenary celebration of Indian Museum, Kolkata .

Image courtesy : Kasinath R. – Tanjore



Going back into history…  Chauri Chaura Incident happened today….

Chauri Chaura incident occurred at Chauri Chaura in Gorakhpur district of United Province, British India ( Now in Uttar Pradesh) on 4th February 1922, when a large group of protesters participating in the Non-cooperation movement turned violent, leading to police opening fire and in retaliation the burning of police station. The incident led to several deaths of both civilians and police. The Indian National Congress halted the Non-cooperation Movement on the national level as a direct result of this incident.

: Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur

Special  Cover release function at Mangalajodi, Chilika on 9 February 2014

EIPA is conducting the Philatelic Exhibition EIPEX-2014 at Bhubaneswar on 08-09, February, 2014. A special cover will be released on 9th Feb, 2014. A function will be held at Mangalajodi about 70 Km from Bhubaneswar near Tangi Block, Chilika at 10.00 AM. to make the Cover to public.

: Ajit Dash - Bhubabneshwar

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