19 February 2014

150 years of Moscow Zoo



In 2014 Moscow zoo celebrates its 150th anniversary. It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. To celebrate the event Russian post issued a beautiful commemorative stamp block with one stamp.

By its opening, Moscow zoo contained 134 domestic animals, 153 wild animals and birds and 7 reptiles. Today one can find there more than eight thousand animals, some species are bred by the experts for the first time in the world. The zoo participates in many international programmes for the conservation of endangered species and cooperates with global environmental organizations.

In the middle of a huge bustling city Moscow zoo delights visitors with a modern beautiful appearance and is always glad to receive guests.

The background of the postage block illustrates Macaw parrot, giraffe, tiger, Pallas’ cat, peacock, crocodile, brown bear cub, pink flamingo, Asian elephant and gibbon, the postage stamp features the main entrance to Moscow zoo.

Club News

Misuse of the Indian National Flag by Political Parties

Political parties in India are very active these days as the time for general elections comes closer. Mr Sekhar Chakrabarty writes about misuse of Indian National Flag by political parties in 100th edition of his famous blog “ Flags and stamps”.



Misuse of the Indian National Flag by Political Parties. The Supreme Court of India on Friday last ( 7th February 2014) issued notice to Congress, Nationalist Congress Party and Trinamool Congress on a PIL seeking to restrain them from using party flags resembling and similar to the Indian National Flag.

Flags of the Political Parties resembling the Indian National Flag

Indian National Congress (I) Party Flag

This flag was adopted in 1977 as the symbol of break away group of the Congress (I). 
The Indian National Congress party split in 1969, and became two – one what was known as Old Congress or Syndicate Congress led by S. Nijalingappa, Kamraj, Morarji Desai, et al, and the other led by Indira Gandhi and christened

All India Trinamool Congress Party Flag (abbreviated AITMC, TMC orTrinamool Congress) . Adopted in 1998

Nationalist (Rashtravadi)Congress Party Flag, adopted in 1999.

The Bodoland People's Front (BPF) is a state political party in Assam state in northeastern India.

Read more in 100th edition of "Flags and Stamps" at following link :


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