06 February 2014

New Love stamp from Australia..



Date of Issue : 4 February 2014

Australia Post issued two beautiful Love stamps    for this year’s valentine’s Day greetings.


According to historians, the English word “romance” was developed from a vernacular dialect within French language meaning “verse narrative”, referring to the style of speech and writing of the elite classes of Europe.Originally, the word was an adverb of the Latin Romanicus, meaning “of the Roman style.”


Other meanings developed over time, with a romantic tryst seen as adventurous and passionate. The modern meaning of romance is an expression of love or desire. The stamp designs in this Australian issue are perfect for sending written expressions of such sentiments.


Romance Maxi Cards

Valentine Post Office set to postmark Valentine's Day cards


Incurable romantics who believe the most heartfelt messages for Valentine’s Day are personal and sent by mail -- not text or tweet -- are expected once again to deluge the Valentine Post Office so their greetings go out with the coveted Valentine postmark.


This year’s special postmark features the words “Love on Valentine’s Day … Valentine, NE,” and is available Feb. 2 to 15. The office has been providing the special postmark annually since 1941. Hand stamps with messages like “With Love from Valentine, NE” or “Crossroads of the Sandhills” also grace each envelope.

The Valentine office expects to receive approximately 5,000 requests for the special postmark, with some coming from as far away as Japan.

“It’s busier for us than Christmas,” Acting Postmaster Diedre Markus said in a news release advising senders to get their cards and envelopes to Valentine as soon as possible. “It really is a labor of love for everyone involved.”

Anyone wanting to have their valentines postmarked in Valentine should address their envelopes, ensure appropriate first-class postage is affixed, put the envelopes inside a larger envelope, and mail to: Valentine’s Day Postmark, Postmaster, 239 N. Hall St., Valentine NE 69001-9998. There is no charge for the postmark.

A new Cut Paper Hearts Forever stamp recently issued by the Postal Service should prove popular with those sending Valentine greetings this year. The stamp includes a large white heart enclosing a smaller pink heart with a saw-toothed edge along its left-hand side. The stamp takes its inspiration from the folk traditions of paper cutting.

Valentine cards and envelopes destined for re-mailing within the United States should be at the Valentine office no later than Saturday; those destined for Nebraska addresses should be in by Monday.

Other U.S. post offices that are popular for Valentine's Day include Bliss, NY 14024; Beauty, KY 41203; Aromas, CA 95004; Hartsville, TN 37074; Loveland, CO 80538; and Paradise, PA 17562. Juliette, GA, and Romeo, MI, have a special joint postmark; send requests for it to Romeo and Juliette Valentine Postmark, Juliette, GA, 31046 or Romeo, MI 48065.

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